17.10.2012 в 20:29
Пишет Reine.:

И сюда хд


With closed in temptation eyes
My intermittent breath still persists
Trapped in rising skyscraper
I was afraid of emptiness



Deeply confused my heart breaks
Among the only not fading memories
Driven by impulses
Next wounds furrow me among spinning thoughts




Lamia, memories dyed red,
In whose deep darkness my struggle continues
Lamia, phantom of my disappearing love


I wish to know, if the present is real...



Illuminated by the moon's light, among the torn feelings,
Looking at my trembling body
I obediently loved you
In fear of emptiness




Lamia, the last door opens
I will stop my breath, just nestle me to sleep
Lamia, someday I will wake up from this sleep


I want to believe in the present...



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